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LAL-18 Lightweight Assault Ladder from Pilot Innovations

Atlas Devices introduces a new capability to its suite of innovated access solutions: the LAL-18 Lightweight Assault Ladder from Pilot Innovations. The lightest and tallest telescoping ladder of its kind. Weighing in at 18 lbs and reaching a deployed height of 18 ft, this carbon fiber ladder gives the operator a significant advantage over comparable systems. When stowed, it can be easily transported by a single user, and integrated into a backpack or other gear. The rung sections are modular, and the ladder can be utilized at variable lengths to fit specific mission or task requirements. It can be fully extended or collapsed in under 20 seconds, without tools.

Check out this recent feature on the LAL-18 on Solder Systems Daily. For more information on the LAL-18 and to request a quote you can visit the LAL-18 product page on our website.