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There is no better way to ensure the quality of your efforts than to put it through the most demanding operational and development testing there is. The key difference which sets Atlas apart from the rest is that not every challenge came with the test equipment needed to reach those parameters. Sometimes the creation of ideas means being able to expand what you can learn from an innovation. Atlas relies on our ability to create custom testing suites that focus on the realism of what would be the environment and niche requirement demanded by users to be successful in their missions. Our team has a unique background of MIT experience to capture and act on these challenges. These can only be as accurate as the critical user input we receive to make them as relevant as possible. Our entire staff, including engineers to accountants, will utilize all of the products they produce regularly to ensure we can truly focus on the user need external to Atlas. We continue to provide iterative support for users as they begin to test their own methods of use in their environments.