The REBS single Carbon fiber 9.5in grapnel “Shepard’s hook” is the most popular hook for boarding and urban operations. Lightweight construction and titanium tipped for arc/tip loading to 2200lbs (1000kg). Compatible with Carbon Ladder, Windup Pole, and Telescopic poles.

The Carbon fiber grapnel hook was developed in a collaboration with NDRE (Norwegian Defense Research Establishment), H. Henriksen AS and the Norwegian Forces. The hooks are state of the art high strength, lightweight boarding hooks designed for Carbon Ladder, Windup Pole, or Telescopic Poles.

Grapnels are tested using two load cycles and certified by NDRE to 1000kg/2200lb MBL for tip load configuration. The hooks can house dual interface adapters for various placement options. They are quick connected using custom Atlas QR pin for safe, rapid deployment option transitions.