CTOMS – TRACE – BLUE KIT – Basic Ski Guide Kit

Most Guides have plenty of carabiners and slings kicking around, so the BLUE Kit takes that into account. While the BLUE Kit PRO is configured with best of breed components, and optimized for compatibility, the BLUE Kit provides only the unique components of the BLUE Kit PRO to reduce redundancy of current possessions and cost for the end user.

1 x TRACE Systems™ Online Basic Course;

1 x TRACE™ Rope: (6 mm x 30 m / Dual Pattern Sheath);

1 x TRACE™ Rope Log Book;

1 x Prodigy™, Micro Pulley;

1 x PocketHoist™, Harness, Orange;

1 x Quickie Descender™, Decent Control Device;

1 x Quickie Ascender™, Rope Grab Ascender with Integrated Pulley, Device.