CTOMS – TRACE – RED KIT – Special Operations Capable (SOC) Kit

Rescuing casualties from a roof, upper floors, ships or confined spaces has now become significantly simplified. The RED Kit increases your mission capability without a significant increase in weight burden. The RED Kit is an evolution of the TAN Kit with some minor adjustments in components and carriage configuration. This is the flagship kit of TRACE™ Systems providing the ability to perform advanced application use in high angle and confined space rescues, rappels, ascending, lowers, hauls, climbing and more. This tiny kit is unmatched in capability and safety in its weight class. Ideal for the team medic or rescue specialist.

1 x TRACE™ Systems Online Basic Course

3 x Quickie Ascender™, Rope Grab Ascender with Integrated Pulley, Device

2 x Quickie Descender™, Decent Control Device

2 x Prodigy™ Micro Pulley

1 x DMM® Bat Rigging Plate (Matte Grey)

2 x Quick Link

1 x EdgePro™ (Rope Protection)

1 x EdgePro™ Replacement Skins: (Set of 3 Skins)

1 x RopePro™ (Rope Protection)

1 x Dynatec Sling (8 mm x 60 cm)

1 x Dynatec Sling (8 mm x 120 cm)

2 x Dynatec Sling (8 mm x 180 cm)

1 x Dynatec Sling (8 mm x 240 cm)

1 x Tactical Assault Climber’s Gear Loop – MultiCam®

1 x Climber’s Dump Pouch, 10” – MultiCam®

1 x Carabiner: ITW Nexus® Grimloc (Tan)

4 x Carabiner: Phantom Screw Gate – (Matte Grey)

1 x Carabiner: Sentinel Screw Gate – (Matte Grey)

2 x Carabiner: DMM® Chimera Wire Gate (Matte Grey)

1 x Carabiner: DMM® Belay Master 2 (Matte Grey)

1 x PocketHoist Harness – MultiCam®

2 x TRACE™ Rope Bag – MultiCam®

2 x TRACE™ Rope: (6 mm x 46 m Dual Pattern Sheath)

1 x TRACE™ Rope: (6 mm x 10 m Training Rope)

3 x TRACE™ Rope Log Book