CTOMS – TRACE – BLACK KIT – Squad Self-Rescue Kit

The BLACK Kit is a simple self-rescue kit for military squad / section use. The intent of the kit is to provide the element the capability to conduct self-rescue in circumstances such as a fall into a well, or evacuation from an elevated position. The rescue kit has a minimal weight and volume burden, significantly reduces the time of rescue, and reducing the requirement for advanced rescue assets to be deployed forward. Online training access is provided with the kit and supplemented with easy to follow pictorial instructions.

7 x TRACE™ Systems Online Basic Course

1 x Low Profile – General Purpose Pouch – MultiCam®

2 x TRACE™ Rope: (6 mm x 30 m / Dual Pattern Sheath)

2 x TRACE™ Rope Log Book

1 x TRACE™ Rope Bag – MultiCam®

1 x EdgePro™ (Rope Protection)

1 x PocketHoist™ Harness – MultiCam®

1 x DMM® BRENIN™ Harness: (Size – Regular / Black)

  • Size: Regular
  • Waist Size: (45cm – 125cm / 18” – 49”)
  • Leg Size: (45cm – 80cm / 18” – 31”)
  • Weight: 450g / 15.87oz.

2 x Quickie Ascender™, Rope Grab Ascender with Integrated Pulley, Device

2 x Prodigy™ (PMP) – Prusik Minding Pulley, Black

1 x Quickie Descender™, Decent Control Device

1 x EdgePro™ Replacement Skins: (Set of 3 Skins)

1 x Carabiner: (Sentinal (HMS) Screw Gate – Matte Grey)

2 x Dynatec Sling: (8 mm x 180 cm / Black)

4 x Carabiner: (Phantom Screw Gate – Matte Grey)