Atlas Devices’ APA-5 is a lightweight, submersible, multi-diameter, battery powered rope ascender that can haul loads of up to 600lbs of direct pull with a variable speed power tool-like trigger control and interchangeable standard and high capacity batteries options.

The Atlas Powered Ascender (APA-5) developed by Atlas Devices is a multi-mission device that hauls rescue loads, extends stamina, and reduces mission exposure.

The APA-5 is a rugged, battery operated ascender that integrates into current SOPs and COTS climbing equipment. Whether operating at maritime depth, in a desert dust storm, or 100′ AGL in a helicopter, the APA-5 is a force multiplier that effortlessly reduces time and exposure during vertical operations.

Lightweight and powerful, the APA-5 lifts up to 600 lbs directly, handles ropes from 6-11mm in diameter, operates at maritime depth, and has a hot-swappable battery.