REBS Ultralight Pole Ladder (UPL) 1.7m section


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The REBS® Ultralight Pole Ladder (UPL) is our latest single style monopole ladder. It is lighter, stronger, easier to stack, and carry to an operational site of use. A light weight rigid sectional ladder that is excellent for both urban and marine access operations. The UPL is delivered in 1,7 m sections. Depending on the hook used, the system can reach up to 11 m (36 ft) The total length is achieved by connecting (top to bottom): hook, top adapter, five sections of 1,7 m each, an optional single step and a 1,5 m (5 ft) wire ladder. Rungs feature built in anti-slip steps. The UPL features integrated 2 action safety quick pin assembly for rapid connection and use. The clocked interchangeable sections are fitted to ensure proper orientation and assembly at night with gloves. The ladder has rubber tipped standoffs that provide good space for hand and foot clearance which increase climbing comfort, efficiency, and safety.


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