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Misty Mountain's new Sparta Belt was designed to meet the requirements of military personnel while traveling in a helicopter or airplane. The Sparta Belt features tapered, 1000 denier nylon reinforced front full-strength attachment loop for easily tethering to ensure security. The attachment loop protrudes from the belt face, facilitating easy access for clipping with a locking carabiner or tying in with a rope. The belt webbing is durable US woven 1.75" wide nylon, it's double layers sandwiched around a high density polyethylene inner layer for stiffness, preventing collapse when strapping mission essentials to the belt. Misty Mountain's Sparta belt closes with a drop forged steel alloy harness adapter buckle, which is strong and durable. Velcro finish on the tail webbing keeps the belt neat and webbing in place. Strength rated to 3,000 lbs (13 kN), Misty Mountain's Sparta Belt will hold up tactical pants, provide a secure attachment for tethering to the inside of an aircraft, and serve as a sturdy mount for mag pouch, holster, radio or other gear. In a tight spot where a sit harness is not available, the Sparta belt is suitable for short, emergency rappels. Made in the USA by Misty Mountain Threadworks, Inc.


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