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For activities where climbing, rappelling or hoisting might be involved, the operator can use the ISH Leg Loops in conjunction with the ISH Belt, creating a climber's sit harness capable of withstanding forces of 16 kN (3,600 lb). The leg loops attach to the front of the belt with a locking carabiner (included) and in the back with a small aluminum clip attached to a durable elasticized nylon. Durably constructed from US woven nylon webbing and nylon fabric, the attachment point is reinforced with nylon. T-6 aluminum quick adjust buckles function flawlessly and easily. Each leg loop has an integrated auto block loop designed for attaching a prusik or klemheist knot for rappel backup. Leg loops are wide in back for comfort while tapered in crotch for less bulk. Currently the ISH System components are available in three colors - Coyote Brown , Black or MultiCam hybrid. ISH components are available individually or in different modular kits.