Atlas ToughLine ropes are fire/abrasion resistant aramid kernmantle ropes designed for endurance with Atlas APA ascenders. ToughLines are high tensile strength ropes that are available in 6-11mm diameters for VBSS, rescue, and other tactical access applications.

Atlas Devices’ ToughLine is a static kernmantle rope developed specifically for the demands of powered ascent.  Leveraging a Technora sheath and optimized weave construction, the Atlas ToughLine is the ideal rope for use with Atlas Powered Ascenders and provides superior abrasion resistance, shape and prolonged life – especially with heavy loads.

Although other kernamantle ropes can be used by the Atlas Powered Ascenders, the ToughLines have consistently outperformed other ropes in all environmental conditions ranging from iced, wet, sandy, dirty, and soiled environments without any degradation in performance.  Available in 6-11mm diameters.