CTOMS – TRACE – BLUE KIT PRO PLUS (SINGLE) – Glacier Travel Kit (Single)

As a Ski Guide, you know that a client falling into a crevasse can be very serious. The importance of an unobtrusive, small and lightweight, yet safe and effective rescue system is essential in the Guide’s inventory. By adding only skis as an anchor, and ski poles as edge protection, the BLUE Kit PRO provides the capability to rescue an un-roped fallen skier from a crevasse with a minimalist approach and best of breed components.

1 x TRACE™ Systems Online Basic Course;

1 x TRACE™ Rope: (6 mm x 60 m / Dual Pattern Sheath);

1 x TRACE™ Rope: (6 mm x 10 m / Training Rope);

2 x TRACE™ Rope Log Book;

1 x TRACE™ Rope Bag – MultiCam©;

1 x Prodigy™ Micro Pulley;

1 x Carabiner: (Alpha Trad Light – Tan);

3 x Carabiner: (Phantom Screw Gate – Matt Gray);

1 x Carabiner: (Sentinal Screw Gate – Matt Gray);

2 x Dyneema Sling: (8 mm x 180 cm / White – Silver);

1 x Black Diamond Express Ice Screw: (13 cm);

1 x Quickie Descender™, Decent Control Device;

2 x Quickie Ascender™, Rope Grab Ascender with Integrated Pulley, Device.