CTOMS – TRACE – GRAY KIT PRO – Rope Assaulter Kit

CC An ideal kit for the individual assaulter, the GRAY Kit PRO provides the user the ability to rappel, lower, rope ascend and conduct a 3:1 haul, all in an extremely compact and lightweight kit. The kit comes packed in a gear loop system that will rapidly connect/disconnect to the main belt of a harness or belt (specifically designed for CTOMS™ (M2™) and G2™ Harness systems). Ideal for individual issue as a basic capability kit.

1 x TRACE™ Systems Online Basic Course

1 x Tactical Assault Climber’s, Gear Loop, Set – MultiCam®

1 x Climber’s Dump Pouch, 10” – MultiCam®

1 x TRACE™ Rope: (6 mm x 16 m/Single Pattern Sheath)

2 x TRACE™ Rope Log Book

1 x Rope Bag, Flat – MultiCam®

1 x Quickie Descender™, Decent Control Device

1 x Quickie Ascender™, Rope Grab Ascender with Integrated Pulley, Device

2 x Carabiner: Phantom Screw Gate – Matte Grey

1 x TRACE™ Rope: (6 mm x 10 m/Training Rope)

1 x Carabiner: DMM Chimera Wire Gate – Matte Grey

1 x RopePro™ (Rope Protection)

2 x Dynatec Sling: (8 mm x 180 cm / Black)