The ISH Tether is a personal safety line for anchoring inside an aircraft, available in two sizes.

The fourth component of the Misty Mountain ISH System is the Universal Tether, a personal tether designed for anchoring an operator to an aircraft when in flight for personal safety, while allowing length adjustment, different attachment options, and the versatility to be used in a variety of conditions where positioning and safety are required. Versatile for use in a variety of situations, the ISH Tether has an overall break strength of 3,600 lbs. Currently the ISH Tethers are available in two colors – coyote brown and black. The ISH Tethers are available in two different sizes, standard and extra long. ISH XL Tether is available with two Kong Tangos or with a Kong Tango and a Ronstan Snap Shackle. ISH components are available individually or in different modular kits.