The Roco Double-X or “RDX” is a Fast Rope descent control device designed to delivery personnel and equipment safely to the ground. The unique design enables the operator to easily control the rate of descent similar to a belay device without the weight.

The RDX enables personnel to tandem a non-fast rope trained passenger/K9 or heavy-equipment safely to the ground minimizing the risk of falls. RDX is controlled using standardized hand gripping techniques from normal fast rope operations and must be used in conjunction with a life-rated harness.

The RDX can be utilized as a progressive approach method to safe training in order to reduce operational risk in training and combat.


-SMALL AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs less than -1 lbs and stores compactly.
-FRICTION CONTROL PAD: Reduces heat and enhances control of descent.
-MULTIPLE / STACKED USERS: Multiple users can simultaneously and effectively fast rope on a single rope. This allows for faster, safer and more efficient operations.
-TANDEM FAST ROPE OPERATIONS: Operations with inexperienced / interpreter, K-9 or equipment are made possible with the RDX.