About Atlas

Rapid Access Solutions

Atlas Devices is a global provider of innovative solutions for security, defense, and rescue applications. Since our founding in 2005 by MIT researchers, we have proudly and ambitiously set new standards for the speed, ease, and safety with which our customers are able to accomplish difficult tasks in all environments: maritime, urban, airborne, and beyond. Our technologies are field-proven and meticulously honed with user feedback earned from years of close relationships. We pride ourselves on our developmental approach, which has yielded some of the world’s foremost access equipment, relied upon by some of the world’s most elite users. Furthermore, we are proud to be an innovation-driven company whose steady growth is creating local high tech jobs, developing and manufacturing game-changing solutions for customers around the world — all of which are 100% made in the U.S.A. in Boston, MA.


Atlas Powered Ascent

Power in a Light Weight Package

The idea of climbing a rope with a powered device has been popular for decades, but until recently only existed in fiction. Today, powered rope ascenders are reality and Atlas Devices has been at the forefront of their development since its founding.

Atlas Powered Ascenders (APAs) built by Atlas Devices are exceptionally high performance systems that are rugged, simple to use, and integrate seamlessly with standard climbing and rope access equipment. At the squeeze of a trigger they enable users to run up the sides of buildings, ships, or mountains while hauling loads up to 600 lbs directly. Remote control accessories allow further utility, and interchangeable batteries allow for accurate mission planning and the ability to distribute equipment weight across multiple people.

When hauling or moving heavy loads or equipment, combining an APA with a pulley system further magnifies its capacity, allowing for loads over a half ton or more to be easily managed for both lifting and lowering. Atlas ascenders also offer the unique ability to interface with multiple rope diameters without changing parts. Our systems can safely climb and descend kernmantle ropes ranging from 6 mm to 11 mm in diameter, and submersible operation, including while changing batteries, maximizes performance in maritime environments.
Atlas Powered Ascenders grant the most powerful capabilities while weighing the least of any powered ascender available. While the utility of an APA is only limited by the creativity of the user, the mission sheets in this website highlight the most prominent applications in the most common environments.

ATL System

Atlas Tactical Ladder System

Unprecedented Versatility

The ATL is the foundation of an ultralight Litter/Ladder/Bridge system designed for operators conducting austere special operations missions. Built on a core Atlas Devices ladder technology backbone, the ATL system combines the packable, height-conformable strength and tailor-ability of a ladder and bridge with the speed, efficiency, and security of a vertical/horizontal hoist-able patient litter. The integrated handle designs enable effective patient manipulation and longer duration carries which provide a multi-mission tool that is useful through primary and contingency phases of operations.

Institutional Capabilities for High Caliber Systems

Ingenuity, Understanding, and Unwavering Standards

Atlas Devices is proud to serve some of the world’s most discerning customers with its products and services. We are proud of our track record, and attribute our continued success to our commitment to excellence, integrity, and constant learning. Developing and transitioning high end products in a Government context takes special skills and dedication not always present in innovation driven companies, and we pride ourselves on being able to provide stakeholders at all levels with the solutions they need to support their mission. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you.


Reducing Operational Risk

In 2013 Atlas Devices partnered with H.Henriksen AS of Norway, whose more than 150 years developing innovative equipment enabled both companies to offer a complete suite of solutions to military and government customers around the world. Atlas Devices is the exclusive distributor of H.Henriksen’s state-of-the-art Rapid Entry and Boarding System (REBS) line of equipment for military users in all of North America.

REBS equipment grants users unprecedented ease of access in challenging scenarios from urban to mountainous to maritime settings. Their state of the art design, construction, and concepts of operation are borne from close collaboration with the Norwegian Defense Establishment and Norwegian Forces. Atlas Devices and H. Henriksen AS work closely together to bring the best possible equipment to users around the world.


An APA used for helicopter-based extraction enables tremendous flexibility. Surprisingly, typically only SAR-specific helicopters are equipped with and maintained for extraction capability – but with the Atlas Powered Ascender, any helicopter can become rescue-capable in a matter of minutes, or in the case of a failed primary hoist, re-equipped in minutes with the APA as a backup.

An APA can move fast – climbing at over five feet per second at the touch of a button, enabling maritime operations from ship boarding to container inspection to be performed faster and more easily than ever before.

In a rescue scenario, the APA grants tremendously powerful abilities only otherwise achieved with a haul team of many men and large amounts of rope equipment. A single APA can safely lift and lower over 500 lbs directly at the touch of a button, enabling rescues to be performed faster than ever before.