Reach higher, faster, safer. Maintenance and down time in the competitive wind energy sector can be costly and challenging. Industry leading rope access techniques have improved the efficiency of inspection and maintenance services, but these techniques still rely on human effort to climb and maneuver a technician and their tools around the turbine. If an incident occurs, further human effort and risk is introduced to assemble a haul team and perform a rescue. Atlas Devices’ solutions for rope access in the wind energy industry dramatically reduce the time to complete a rescue, inspection or maintenance job. A pick-off rescue can be completed in just minutes by a single person, and the fallen worker can be raised to the top of the turbine at the touch of a button for extraction, or safely lowered to the ground without having to change rigging. With 100% of the human climbing effort removed from an inspection or maintenance job, crews work faster and fresher. Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve more in less time, with smaller teams and less effort.